Luxurious Solitude in a Modern Bathroom

Earthen-toned tiles, crystal clear glass, golden trim, and ambient lighting are expressions of leisure, luxury — and a glorious bathroom experience. The bathroom has always been that one place in the home where everyone can find those few moments of peace, privacy, and the means to block out the rest of the world. Taking a shower isn’t just about washing off the day’s dirt, it’s about reinvigorating and revitalising both body and mind. The spiritual connection with the power of water is a very human need, making the bathroom an almost holy place.

Perhaps this is why the bathroom is at the top of the list when it comes to remodeling and renovation projects. Who doesn’t want a glorious bathroom? Who doesn’t associate the bathroom with sanctum? But, if one thinks of the most popular room in the house as nothing more than a place to do one’s business, and that furry toilet seats and plastic shower curtains are the height of fashion, then reinventing the bathroom is not for him or her. However, everybody else wants luxury.

Modern Bathroom Design

According to Jean Hattingh, an interior designer based in Perth, “good interior design is all about maximising comfort and functionality while adding great style,” which makes perfect sense. Combining these elements is key to remodeling success. A home’s bathroom should reflect modern design, and mirror modern living.

Modern Ideas

For the ultimate in luxury, a few today’s designs might incorporate some of the following:

  • Heated tile floors: Electric radiant heat for the floor is the epitome of comfort. Nobody wants to get out of a hot shower just to step on cold tiles. While installation may be costly, the rewards of comfort are worth it.
  • Heated towel racks: Though not as fantastic as an entirely heated floor, a heated towel rack is a sweet plus, nonetheless — there’s nothing like a warm, fluffy towel after a good bath.
  • The Minimalist look: This is all about serenity, uncluttered sight lines, and simplicity; it’s about embracing the spirituality between the water and the bather.
  • Wet rooms: A “wet room” — essentially a bathroom with little or no apparent divisions about what can be wet — tends to follow the idea of minimalism.
  • Turn the attic into a Master bathroom: This is becoming a popular trend for homeowners wanting to utilise attic space. It’s a great way to have the ultimate spa experience on a regular basis.
  • Wall mounted cabinets, sinks, and vanities: Among other benefits achieved, removing things from the floor creates space, and the illusion that they are floating is appealing to the eyes.

An interior designer may make suggestions like these, and will know what other features — like custom faucets, sinks, tubs, counter tops, etc. — will compliment any bathroom design ideas a homeowner may be envisioning. Modern bathroom design is like a perfected science, not unlike interior decorating, and designers can make almost any idea a reality. Only one’s imagination can limit design possibilities — not even a tight budget can stop a good interior designer from making things happen.

Of course, modern bathroom design may depend on the homeowner’s personal tastes when all is said and done. But anyone residing in the Perth area who is seeking a bathroom renovation may find his or her interior design champion — like Jean Hattingh- with Kinzone Interior Design. If one is going to remodel the bathroom, why not consider making it that sacred sanctum? After all, a bathroom was meant to be that special place where one can unwind, find solitude, and make the world go away, even for just a little while.

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