PG’s (Project Godjira) Mint: JIRAVERSE Collection (Minting July 27 10pm EST) — TL;DR

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JIRAVERSE (3rd Collection): What is it?

Note: 10pm EST time zone

What is PG’s (Project Godjira) JIRAVERSE collection?

PG (formerly known as “Project Godjira”) will be minting its 3rd &Final collection called the JIRAVERSE with a 10,000 supply. Complementary to the first two PFP-based collections, JIRAVERSE will be PG’s FINAL DROP and represents the holder’s access to infrastructure and assets in the metaverse. Each mint purchased or claimed will consist of 3 NFTs, each of which will be released at different times in the future. All three are unique and will have random traits/rarities, except for PG Genesis NFT holders where their VX & 3D will be specific to Genesis PFPs that they own.

1. VX (voxel) model of a Godjira character — If you own a Godjira PFP from the Genesis collection, you will be able to play your VX model in an augmented-reality experience in a mobile app.

2. 3D-rendered realistic model of a Godjira character — If you own a Godjira PFP from the Genesis collection, you will be able to play your 3D-rendered model.

3. Mystery Drop NFT — This NFT will be an asset in the Metaverse+ yet to be determined. This decision is intentional to provide the Godjira community with the maximum optionality down the road as the space is evolving quickly and the number of platforms available are plenty. As evidenced by sudden policy changes regarding NFT incorporation within the Minecraft ecosystem, we will not commit to a platform until we are much closer to determining what is the best option will be for our project.

What is the format of the mint?

The sequence of the mint is split up into two tranches:

  • Fair Dutch auction for the public — Supply will be 6,001. The maximum mint is 3 per wallet. The opening price for the mint will start at 0.55 ETH. After the initial 30-minute start, price will decrement by 0.025 ETH every 15 minutes. If it is not sold out at the end of 6 hours, the fair Dutch auction price of the mint will drop down to 0 ETH. If the fair Dutch auction should sell out before it drops to 0 ETH, the price will be set at the amount at which it sells out. People who mint at a higher price than the set fair Dutch auction price (at sellout) will be refunded the difference between their respective purchase prices and the set fair Dutch auction price (at sellout). Unlike most fair Dutch Auctions, there is NO minimum reserve price set. To our knowledge, no other project has ever done a FAIR DA all the way down to 0!!!
  • PG Genesis & Gen 2 holders claim — Upon completion of the fair Dutch auction, holders will be allowed to claim their mints anytime with no expiration and will be done exclusively with $JIRA tokens. Every wallet holding a PG genesis, Gen 2 or staking pass will be captured via a snapshot after the public mint sells out. PG Genesis NFT holders will be afforded 1 free claim & 1 paid claim for each Genesis NFT that you own. PG Gen 2 NFT holders will be afforded 1 paid claim for each Gen 2 NFT that you own. You do not need to unstake your NFTs. Each paid claim will cost 200 $JIRA without any limits to the number of claims per wallet. If you have 10 Gen 2 NFTs in all your staking passes, you will be allowed to claim 10. Once snapshot is taken, ONLY SNAPSHOTTED wallets can claim their JIRAVERSE. JIRAVERSE claim period for the snapshotted wallet is INFINITE. Once snapshot is taken, an announcement will be made. Each JIRAVERSE NFT you get will give you a separate VX NFT, 3D NFT and a mystery NFT. To reiterate, PG Genesis and Gen 2 holders will be claiming their own 1:1 version of their Godjiras as VX and 3D models.

How will PG use the funds?

What will you do with funds if it mints out at 0.55 ETH?

We will be using the funds shown in the image above. It allows us to expedite our roadmap delivery, expand by hiring more talents as well as conduct research and development to explore new products. As always, the Jira way promotes transparency, and you will continue to see the same pattern.

What will you do with funds if it mints out at 0 ETH?

If it mints out only at 0 ETH, none of the announced revenue streams for the project changes. We will get 5–6k new people into our ecosystem. Many Gen 2 holders entered this way from the previous mint and are now holding a Genesis. Consistent with the free mint meta, we would generate good royalties with decent trading volumes, giving us some funding. If necessary, we will invite needed funding from Venture Capitals in our network to build our products.

When is the mint?

The sequence of the mint will be as follows:

1. Fair Dutch Auction: Starts at July 27 10:00pm EST and continue until sellout within 6 hours.

2. PG Holders Claim: Starts after completion of Fair Dutch Auction

Why should you mint?

While we strongly believe in the value propositions of this collection, there are three main perspectives one should consider when one decides on minting our JIRAVERSE collection — the community, the utility, and the product.

When you mint an NFT, you are placing trust into Shan’s & Jamie’s leadership and the core team and inserting yourself into the community that holds the same NFT collection as you. Godjira has always been known as the community that welcomes everyone and generates great ideas. We are certain that you will love the community after having interacted with some of our existing holders.

On utility, PG has consistently taken care of its holders. Below are examples of tangible benefits in Web2/3, IRL, social, and financial aspects.

Lastly, on the products, this mint provides three separate NFT assets that will give you the flexibility to represent the PG brand across multiple metaverse platforms. The mint cost per asset compares better or on par with many other project mints in the same category, accounting for conversion to fiat at the time. With the high floor price of PG Genesis & Gen 2, JIRAVERSE mint price represents a more affordable entry point to enter the PG ecosystem.

We have many plans in the works, but we need capital to help expand our resources and capabilities to execute our plans. Examples of businesses we are currently developing or in place include the following areas:

1) 3VERSE — This will be a Compete-2-Earn, NOT a Play-2-Earn game. The goal is to create an e-sports platform for the Web3 space for cash prizes, WLs and NFTs. New projects will need to pay an integration cost which will become a revenue stream for PG.

2) 8080 — They provide off-the-shelf solutions for NFT projects to build out staking contracts, simple tokenomics, migration to L2, and marketplaces for very reasonable prices. 8080 will enable projects with limited funds and/or ability to find good developers to get their projects off the ground cheaply and quickly. PG will receive a profit share from sales of 8080.

3) Tools — PG has launched BOTJIRA, which is a NFT minting and sniping tool, and will soon launch Speed Analytics NFT analysis tool aiming to be best-in-class, shown to be faster to spot trending collections, follow live sales and listings, snipe rarity reveals, and buy NFTs off marketplaces quicker than other products in the market. This will be available for holders for free or by paying $JIRA and could be open to subscription for the public.

4) Launchpad — PG has partnered with Seedify, the leading blockchain gaming launchpad with the highest average ROI in the industry. Seedify is expanding its launchpad services into the NFT arena. They have engaged PG to be their partner of choice to co-launch projects for which there will be a revenue share agreement.

5) Merch — There will be 2 brands for merchandise — 1) PG and 2) 3VOLV. PG will be the brand for the NFT/Web3 space while 3VOLV’s goal is to be a Global IP to expose Web2 to a Web3 brand for its broad customer base. PG and 3VOLV will leverage their relationships with influencers, celebrities, and famous athletes to bring our brands and IRL merch to wider audiences. Plans include multiple payment methods that include fiat, crypto, and $JIRA.

6) Jira Tank — a USD $500k fund for Genesis holders who will be able to pitch for funding needed to launch their Web2/3 project with the backing of PG. In return, PG will receive equity stakes and/or profit share in these projects.

7) Infinit3 Studios — a Web3 services company created as a joint venture with PG. Services offered include: art/animation, project advisory, smart contract development, smart contract auditing, discord security, UI/UX Design, and front end development. A profit-sharing agreement between PG and Infinit3 Studios will be put in place.

8) LeapN — Metaverse development team who has a strategic partnership with PG. LeapN has already build metaverses for several NFT projects.

ABOUT PG (formerly known as “Project Godjira”)

PG started out with modest ambitions as a pixel-art-based PFP project to build a community of NFT and crypto enthusiasts who could share ideas and help each other get through this volatile space. The community was and is still driven by the values set forth by its founders, Shan and Jamie. Those values are community, empathy, and fun. In the beginning, Shan and Jamie thought it was critical to build the community at the grassroots level one individual at the time. This was to ensure that sense of community and camaraderie could be developed slowly and organically. He did this keeping the discord server closed and limiting twitter followers at the beginning; these are methods that are now widely copied and adopted by many other NFT projects to this day.

Coming out of these efforts, the Genesis collection of 333 was born on Dec. 18, 2021. The small collection size was intentional in order provide a sense of both exclusivity and inclusivity for its community, which was that time was very different compared to all the 10K collections being released. This is yet another device that has been broadly emulated by other projects of the ilk. To no one’s surprise now, the rise of PG since mint has mirrored the meteoric rise of Shan’s popularity and influence in the Web3. PG Genesis collection went from a mint price of 0.05 Eth (with many given away for free) to a floor price of 20 Eth in three short months.

Shan and Jamie recognized that PG had the potential to build a lasting brand in this nascent space. At this point, the team had been tapped to advise several new projects to provide marketing and business/technical development for them. Additionally, PG’s burgeoning popularity had a tremendous impact for the community, as the internal team was prolific in procuring whitelist spots for many projects leading to material financial benefits for community at large.

To expand our reach and community, as well as raise capital for the project, we recognize that the JIRAVERSE collection is necessary to reach our ambitious goals.

Our track record

The team’s ability to deliver will always be one of the biggest drivers on minting decisions. We hope that you can be assured by what Project Godjira has delivered so far since its inception and Genesis Mint. A brief timeline and summary below.

Project Godjira has a decently sized team — 33 members at the time of writing this article. The team works cohesive with one indisputable goal — to bring value back to our holders. The numbers will speak for themselves –

Note: Figures quoted at the time of writing

Whitelist giveaways

This is rightfully something near and dear to many NFT community members. On this topic, we are likely as good as other top-tier alpha passes that you could get (Reminders: we are not an alpha pass, but this is one of the benefits we offer).

Project Godjira, through either raffles or Marketplace has given out $7 million+ profits (assuming flipping the NFT on day 1 and subtracting the mint cost) back to our holders since inception. Many of which are prominent NFT projects as well.

Community support — financial perspectives

Another key topic that every person in NFT talks about almost daily is the floor price of a project. We have assessed our floor price movement against other well-respected collections in the last few months since Ethereum reached its local high in April.

The results are amazing. Our floor price held up, while most other great projects saw a decline.

In fact, our floor price has been able to hold up 70% of the time.

Capital efficiency

Our results do not come from hype or Web2 / Venture Capital backing. People simply see that we are a community that welcomes anyone with open arms and that we have great resources to provide, be it launchpad services for NFT founders or alpha on projects for community members.

And…we have only used 8% of our capital to deliver all of that.

We certainly hope that all the data (which takes a lot of time to comb through and decipher) gives you a strong sense of why Godjira’s holders are trusting the core team to run with execution. We are truly a crowd of team members who consider our members before ourselves.

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