OpenSource OpenAPI Boilerplates — NodeJS & Java

1 min readJul 28, 2020

We also have a program, Jiratech Foundation, in which we give back to the community and engage in social projects ( more on this, here: ).

On this note, those are the boilerplates that we created and we use regularly:

1) Java Spring Boilerplate: dockerized, API-first 3 layer architecture with PostgreSQL and Minio connectors.


2) NodeJS Boilerplate: ExpressJs-based, typescript-adapted, 3 layer architecture with PostgreSQL connector.


Those boilerplates have a unique characteristic — full integration with OpenApi v3 ( documentation here: ). We wrote a tutorial on integration with ReactJS .

Those boilerplates use a single, descriptive JSON of the APIs and DTO ( for typescript, interfaces) that map and enforce the request and response and also generate the APIs ( Java) / handle the route components ( NodeJs).

You can find this schema here:

I hope this helps you speed up reliable development as it did for us!

If you want to contribute or comment, we welcome any feedback

Coming soon: ReactJS boilerplate and React-Native boilerplate with TypeScript and OpenApi.

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