Some REALities of life

1. Everyone feels.

We, all of us, have different stories to share — a sad or a happy one. It’s like there is always an opposite on every work we do, well that’s life. Sometimes we are happy. I mean almost all the time because we deserved it. We were born to enjoy the world and our existence as an individual but not all the time. We also feel sadness, anxiety, loneliness, etc. because we are human. We have the capability to feel, to understand and to interact with people. With that being said, it’s amusing to be a human. We laugh and cry. Funny, those overrated words are often used, existed for million of years, and can change a person.

2. Nothing is perfect.

Cliché but yeah, no one is perfect. We commit mistakes and learn from it — not just me, but we also improve ourselves from other’s mistake. We were born not to be perfect, we were born to make an impact on our society and create an individuality in this cosmos. We are unique and we surely differ from each other.

3. Everyone will judge you.

We cannot please everyone. Some might think you are a good person, some might think you are not. We have this capability of judging a person because of our internal and external senses. Internal senses — those are a person’s attitude, point of view, doings, memory, and even his individuality itself. Meanwhile, those external senses are your capability to see, hear, taste, smell and touch. Those senses act together for us to think better, have a practical solution in life, and to understand things but people use it also to misinterpret things, and to judge another person.

4. We cannot understand everything.

All of us cannot understand everything on how it works, etc. We all have our capabilities and interests. If you are not interested on a thing, you will not understand it. There are billions of everything out there. We cannot say which and what are those, it’s just our existence is extravagant.

5. There is God.

There is God. I would like to tell everyone even you are an atheist. We were born because of a reason and whatever reason that is, it’s uniquely just for you. It was given by our God from the very beginning, even you are still in your mother’s womb. God is our path and our savior. He is the only one that will save us from our mistakes, most especially from evil. He always guide us to the right path of the road — to heaven. We just need to believe in Him, repent our sins to him, know Him as our only savior, live on His words, praise him and all of us will be in good hands.

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