Today at Suntec City’s Coffee Bean, we marked the official opening of a new ministry. To everyone else, it would have looked like any other casual catch-up session. 5 people talking over breakfast — how special can that be? The world continued going by and others continued to be engaged in their respective tasks but I am convinced as we shared our dreams for the ministry in those two hours, we saw a glimpse of what the future could be and what we wanted the future to look like. It could only have been divine.

I think the scariest part is in knowing that this could very well fail. The situation is analogous to someone gathering different pieces of material together to make a little boat and setting sail soon after, with no clue as to its stability and capabilities to reach the other side. I’ve had enough failures in life to feel somewhat numb to the idea of failing. With that being said though, no one likes to fail. As a perfectionist, I most definitely do not enjoy falling flat on my face.

Yet, I know the beautiful part is in how God has been orchestrating the entire journey thus far. It takes a certain level of courage to start something and I’m so extremely proud of how Nat approached different people to dream together with her — one of whom she knew through a mutual friend and another she reconnected with years after leaving SOTA. It takes nothing to dream but it takes so much more to take steps towards concretising dreams — in this, I am proud and challenged to not only dream, but to work towards them as well.

There is beauty when people across different churches gather together. Today’s conversations left me refreshed and it reminded me of how we are ultimately one body but more importantly, that there is so much that we have to learn from one another. Human nature insists on exclusivity and on protecting one’s clan, but whoever said that one’s clan was only limited to one’s church? Would it not be far too insular on our parts to only interact with those from our home church?

Today, I witnessed the gathering of talents, people who were gifted in various areas who found a platform to use them for a cause greater than themselves. And this is only the beginning. In time to come, we will be in the business of empowering and in building an inclusive community for people to use their talents as well. After all, talented individuals are plentiful; all that really needs to be done is for someone to believe in them and to be willing to invest in them.

I have found the point of convergence for my gifts and interests. Thank you, Nat, for inviting us to dream with you and for challenging us to look at faith from new perspectives. As a team, we have many more mountains to climb and many more valleys to descend into, but this is one journey that I’ve been waiting for and have been looking forward to for the longest time.