She is a woman. A strong woman. A woman of her word, her actions, her passion to making her life and to those around her a little better. She is something that others might be intimidated. Might be mistaken as strict, dominant, controlling, harsh, perfectionist, dictator or heartless. Others say she’s someone that wants everything under her control, well that is somehow true. But it takes a person who have wisdom, experience and a heart to know that she’s not all of this. It takes a great man to understand her ways, and even if he doesn’t understand it at all, he would still support her of the things she needed to achieve. Needed. Yes needed because the things that she wants to pursue are the things not only for herself but also for her family. A weak man is blinded by insecurity because her woman has much more to achieve compared to him. That makes him a baggage, a heavy burden to the woman. instead of helping her build their empire, he turned into the greatest and biggest enemy a woman can have. Now the woman has to work twice, no thrice or maybe five times harder than she has before. Time was both her friend and enemy. A friend to help her get close to achieving the fruit of her labor, her heart’s desire. An enemy every single day that she’s aging, depleting physical strength and time here on earth. Now she’s worn out and exhausted. She has given so much of herself to build something that would secure her loved ones, including the man. Leave him! You say? Not yet. Not yet because she haven’t finished her empire, she needs him to work for her. Not yet because of her children. She don’t want them to grow fatherless. Not yet because she still love him even though he wrecked her, stabbed her heart to pieces. She still want him to be part of the empire she’s building. she is a woman. a strong woman.