Writing tests sucks, what a waste of time! Damn, I started writing tests today…

I’m definitely NOT a fan of TDD. I tried it multiple times and I honestly believe it sucks. Why? Because, when I start coding, I dont’ know with what kind of architecture I will end up. Usually while being under way I do change it at least 2–3 times.

And with TDD I would have to adjust my tests every single time and waste a lot of useful time. No Way!

So my past pattern was always code first, and (if there is time left or it its a critical mission) I added the tests later. Or, even worse: I asked a team member to write the test for me, to save my time and to enable me to run for the next emergency. Yes. I did that. Feel free to blame me! I can tell you I didn’t like that neither. Believe it or not.

Still, today I got some time and tried somethings else.

Browserless development.

Means, right from the beginning, when my code was finished, I blocked myself from opening the browser to check. Instead I opened the tests and used writing tests to check if my code was properly working.

Wow. that was great.

I couldn’t believe that. Usually my driver for writing tests is to ensure long term stability. But now, with this approach its doing my manual (unfortunately necessary) testing. I hate testing. Yes, I do! I’m honestly bad at it. Hence, looks like I found a way to avoid manual testing and the time and effort seems to be reasonable equal.

I might sound stupid, but writing the test to INSTANTLY test my crap makes a huge difference to me.

Ask me in two weeks, if that persistet! Or if I dropped it again. I’m already curious myself☺