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Upon much reflection, it has become apparent that life is really about whether you are prepared to fully commit to a path.

Because it is the energy of total commitment that puts you into a state in which all things become possible.

If we perceive life as a river system, the choice to fully commit, over and over again, is to reach continual forks in the river and to choose with totality to go down one of them…

It doesn’t matter which we go down…. as the system is constantly optimising and evolving in a way that allows for the greater flow of the energy of full commitment. …

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It’s now 16 weeks since I wore glasses or contact lenses.

I have been healing my eyes after realising it is possible and then receiving teachings on how to do it.

Right now my physical vision is better than it has been for decades.

My metaphysical vision, insight and access to visionary states is better than it has ever been.

Previous to this I wore plastic contacts on my eyeballs every day for the last 11 years.

The capacity we have to self-heal is profound when we choose to take full responsibility for it.

My path is mostly about healing the trauma/ stories that manifested in the past that correlates to loss of long-sighted clear vision, sungazing and lots of loving, healing vibes. …

Yesterday (January, 7th 2019) I tuned into some collective consciousness frequency that it was Monday, so I should start work after the holiday break…

But that felt like a shit idea when I sat at my desk.

All this hype around the new year & this idea to start work because its Monday.

Especially when I didn’t feel like getting back into work!

So I did the only sensible thing and took myself into nature for a solo ceremony. I then meandered to a beautiful surf spot that has magical vibes.

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I had the intention to drop into the silence beneath the…

My overall thoughts are that the razor blade ad that apparently educates men on how to be men is a phony, abhorrent piece of marketing filth that dumbs down humanity.

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First of all, of course I’m all for men and women behaving ethically, aligned with their morals and values and generally not being arseholes or douchebags.

Part of my work is in the field of helping men explore what it is to be human… and what masculinity is in its rawest and healthiest forms.

So I’m all for the idea that our culture and many others have perpetuated a notion of masculinity that has led to mass repression and trauma.

I know there is work to be done to address this, and many people are doing it.

But the day people start taking their moral/ ethical/ spiritual guidance from a company that sells disposable razor blades, and is owned by a conglomerate that is well known for its grossly unethical behaviour, and spends $7billion a year to spruik products that certainly do not help the planet…. is a sad day. …

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The energetics of Hof’s technique and cold immersion are interesting and not often mentioned.

It is what connects Wim Hof, breath work, cold immersion, vision quests, fasting, plant medicine, orgasms, stubbing your toe, losing your job… and breaking up with your partner…


A friend recently mentioned that he felt a sense of aliveness, a flushing out of emotional debris after immersing in cold water.

This is something I too have experienced- more ALIVENESS.

Interestingly, cold water was the relief from deep pain that started Wim Hof on his healing journey, after his wife died.

He says the cold water was “righteous but…

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There is just one wound at the root of all pain, struggle, anxiety and frustration. This wound is separation from wholeness.

The wounding began when your ego-identity took shape and gradually became the primary lens through which you experience life.

The wound remains unhealed as long as you are caught up in the delusion that you are your thoughts, your identity, your body or your mind.

If you are not that, what are you?

You are an embodiment of source, life force energy. Or as Alan Watts said:

You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself.

This is my first note in months.

Those of you tuned into my frequencies will sense I’ve been riding the wave inwards.

Yes, I’ve been on a pilgrimage to the sacred heartlands of the Andes, and deep into the ancestral song-lines of ancient Australia. But I’ve also been on a journey through the shadowlands of my psyche.The tears have flowed. The wounds inherited from ancestry and my own childhood trauma have been oozing.

The awareness of my delusions has never been sharper. I have contemplated and experienced dying of many kinds. Yet never have I felt more alive.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. For this is the way.

Be wary of these things. Why? Because they’re full of shit.

Because they come from a place of scarcity.

When we say stuff like “I’m going to lose 5kg and workout every morning”… I’m going to launch my business next year”, there is a real focus on what you have NOT done and NOT achieved so far.

This draws the mind into the territory of lack, rather than the abundance of infinite possibility.

This is a very typical theme of our modern culture and one that marketers gleefully capitalise on. …

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A few months ago I was out surfing with my good friend Steve. The conditions were wild and windy and the waves fast and challenging.

Steve and I sat on our boards having just both wiped out. We assessed what was going wrong. As the wave steepened so fast the trick was to anticipate a near vertical drop, adjust weight and angle accordingly so that the board did not nose-dive on take-off.

We realised that on each wave there was a microsecond opportunity to visualise the drop. And it dawned on us that in the crucial moment of take-off, the microsecond between lying on the board and springing to our feet, we had both created the mental image of a wipeout. …

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There are 2 kinds of humans: Ones that are in suffering and ones that are not.

Across the world, in every civilisation and continent, the wisest of humans have explored how to go from suffering to not suffering.

And in every single case, these explorers realised that suffering was an inside job, and therefore the solution was also an inside job.

So they developed meditational training methods to help us develop our minds. These methods have stuck around. Unlike many antiquities of the past, meditation has passed the test of time… and of science.

Meditation is proven to be a wonderful human technique to deal with a uniquely human problem: the ego- our concept of separate self, that leads to anxiety and feelings of disconnection.


Jiro Taylor

Mystic, surfer & Founder of Flowstate.

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