Why I don’t think Trump-Putin summit is a big deal

Jisan Zaman
Jul 17, 2018 · 3 min read
This is stupid. But we have seen stupider. And we will continue to see stupid.

I don’t think Trump-Putting summit is a big deal because it wasn’t surprising. Trump has been consistent in his behavior in regards to the 2016 election hacking and Russia’s role in it. He’s also been consistent in his praise of Putin since before the election. I think it would have been more surprising if he, all of a sudden, took a stronger stance against Putin. Trump only organized this summit because he wasn’t happy just meeting with our allies in EU and visiting UK, and wanted a strong tyrant he can talk to.

If you are outraged about this as a major blow to US’s international credibility, then you should have been more outraged when he gave away secrets to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov during a White House meeting about Israeli agents. Or any other terrible things he’s done.

At some point, we have to deal with the fact that we can’t fix stupid, incoherent, or just a treasonous individual. We have to hold them accountable not by freaking out but by taking actions against him. Trump committed treasonous acts long before this when he sided against the US intelligence community over and over again. He always floats conspiracy theories as his defense.

Instead, we should focus more on his actions and policies that is held up by a deeply un-American Congress and a rigged Supreme Court. The Muslim Ban was un-American and discriminatory. Ripping families apart at the border can be constituted as crimes against humanity. Saying, “both sides are to blame” in Charlottesville is a symptom of moral cancer. Devoting more resources to Florida and Texas after natural disaster and treating Puerto Rico like a foreign country is un-American. Flint still doesn’t have clean water. The epidemic of gun violence in this country with a silent President promoting the NRA is a national disgrace. Taking away healthcare from millions of Americans while stile paying billions more for it is a cruel and unjust.

But those are the fights we should care about more. Not the cable television spun “Trump did something stupid and it’s new this time.” This isn’t a distraction that Trump sought out, but it is an issue that pales in comparison to what our fellow Americans are suffering through right now.

Put the Trump-Putin summit in the pocket of all of the disgusting, terrible, shocking, dumb, and cruel things that Trump has done and has been allowed to do by his Republican colleagues. Put it in the fuel that rages your anger to take action in speaking out against atrocities and injustice.

Call your Congressman and Senator to protect the Mueller investigation, to investigate Trump’s business ties to Russia, and to protect your elections in 2018.

Then, use that fuel to volunteer for any cause that is affecting your area. The disenfranchised, the undocumented, the elderly, the sick, the homeless, the poor, the abused, and the forgotten need your help. They need your help in donations, volunteering efforts, and helping them to uplift their voices.

And they need you to care about the 2018 elections. Go to https://swingleft.org/ to volunteer for taking back the house. Go to volunteer pages for the Democratic senators in Arizona, Nevada, Missouri, Indiana, West Virginia, Tennessee, and North Dakota and help them out so we can hold this President accountable better starting next year.

Otherwise, you’re just reacting to the news media’s fascination with anything Russia-related and any dumb thing Trump says. Help change systems and the people who govern them and stop the this Cinnamon Hitler.

Be Better America.

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