RetweetJS #1

A weekly(ish) digest of notable JavaScript related tweets from my Twitter bubble

This week, we have two handy tips that will make your development life a little easier PLUS a surprising revelation about Facebook’s codebase that you don’t want to miss! Enjoy!

❌ Don’t mutate me

A tiny utility snippet to delete a key from an object without mutating the underlying data structure.

🙈 New monkey, old tricks

@qequop asks if monkey-patching old React APIs to allow compatibility with outdated dependencies is legit. Turns out Facebook internally resort to the same solution. 👏

😏 Log this

Handy tip for when you’re using arrow functions with an implicit return and need to log a value.

That’s it for this week! I’m keen to keep it as a regular thing so do let me know in the comments if you find this useful 😀