RetweetJS #2

A weekly(ish) digest of notable JavaScript related tweets from my Twitter bubble

This week, we have a handy Webpack tip as well as some food for thought around best practices with ES6 module syntax. Enjoy!

✔ TypeScript without TypeScript

Make writing Webpack configs a bit more sane by using adding a type definition module and some comments. Quite neat if you don’t use TypeScript but would like some auto-completion support.

🤯 VSCode in the browser

Ives van Hoorne is the creator of CodeSandbox. He tweeted this gem where he managed to get Visual Studio Code running within the browser. Wow!

🤔 To default export or not to default export

Some reasons to always use named exports over default.

That’s it for this second week of RTJS! Thanks for reading and do leave feedback if you enjoy this format 😀