Jishaal Kalyan
Sep 16, 2018 · 1 min read

A weekly(ish) digest of notable JavaScript related tweets from my Twitter bubble

In this RTJS, we have a couple of handy development tips plus code examples of some upcoming React goodness

🌳 Make logging easy

For VSCode users, here’s a handy keyboard shortcut that allow you to quickly add a console.log to your code

✋ Easy delay

Create a quick delay function in 5 lines

⌛ Time slicing

An example of the upcoming time slicing API in React. Looks neat!

🐴 Use every language feature

A great example of why trying to use every language feature isn’t necessarily a good thing

That’s it for this third iteration of RTJS! 😀 If you enjoyed it, make sure to share these bite-sized learnings with you friends!

Jishaal Kalyan

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Developer at Xero

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