IRCTC- UX Case study and an Alternative UI

IRCTC website is the largest and the fastest growing e-commerce website in the Asia-Pacific region.This case study is to understand the pain points of the existing IRCTC website and to improve the user experience of the existing features mainly focusing on train booking.

IRCTC — The website features in a nutshell

Key points need to be noticed

After spending a lot of time on the website and discussing with users these are the usability issues and pain points.

  • The website have heavy traffic problem.It get really slow.
  • The website and its UI is not user friendly
  • For PNR checking 3–4 steps are required it should be changed.
  • To search a train one need to be logged in, there should be option for finding train even if one is not logged in.
  • Remember Me option should be there in the page so that we don’t enter the details again and again.
  • Timeout session is too small (around 2 min.)
  • Most of the people use IRCTC website only for booking train tickets. So it should get more preference and all other links should be categorize giving less preference.

User flow for ticket booking

  • User visits IRCTC site for ticket booking
  • The IRCTC home page already has ‘train ticket tab’ selected in the main menu tab by default.
  • User can select one way trip or round trip.
  • With the default train ticket option the action bar contains option for booking flight,catering service and tourism and user account option.
  • User can check PNR status from the home page even not logged in.
  • Now user can entry his boarding station ,destination ,date of journey and class.
  • User can entry the passengers number as adults, children, senior citizen(M),senior citizen (F) and go for search though ‘find train’ button.
  • The search will leads you to another page which show all the trains between your stations with your required class.User can change the class here if there is availability issues.
  • Here user can check availability and book if RAC it will display with different color button.
  • Clicking on Book button user will be shown the fare of journey. On next screen user will give passenger details like name,gender, age,berth preference.
  • Next page is for payment with options via credit card,debit card, or net banking.
  • It is very simple enough to book a train ticket with 3 steps.

Paper Prototype

Paper Prototypes for home page and booking pages for train ticket.


Wire frames for home page and booking pages for train ticket.

User Interface

User interface for the home page
User interface for the search results
User Interface for the booking procedure

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