When my nephew was an infant, I notice he had a large nose and I couldn’t registered any face from the member of the family that has a larger nose but he is a year older now and I can’t even remember he had a large nose as a baby until I’m writing this. So that is obvious changes!

I also notice that his “little toe” that makes me want to touched his toes time to time changes as he grows older but no one cares because it keep growing with no pain.

Everyone wants a change but nobody ever wants to accept it when it’s goes bad anyway. There are good changes and bad ones but we reacted to bad changes better than the good one. Apparently, we have more records of bad changes because we are ‘man with same brain and there’s only one God with no brain like us

People say change but never know what it means and if I have to define it to a layman; I would go by the dictionary and break it down in denotative

But if I would give any connotative definition to a reasonable person, I would say “Change is nothing closer to having some new ways but making the old ways look new”

The good news is change happens when it happens and the bad news is that it might take years! Whole lot of painful years with people of brains and God of no brain! Sometime, it is not obvious and sometime, it is so glaring and sometime you’re so gone and never know what the situation might be.

A friend look at me and said “You never change from the secondary school days” she mean my body and yes, I agree but I have actually changed a lot because my philosophy about people, life and God never remain the same and that is what I mean.

Changes in most cases usually started with rough edges and In-other-word, it might be smooth and very interesting. Who never want it smooth anyways?

However, it will never be a change if it never takes time. Change, to millions of people has different meaning and what you see as a change in any way might be a worse mistake or stepping stone to someone else.

Change as most of people want it can be the definition of speed (and accuracy) and if it’s never happens overnight then it is horrible! It takes only few to know that change itself has only one definition and that definition is Life! The more you live hale and hearty or any other way round, you’re bound to experience changes till you take a final demise.

And More so, there’s no special body created to starts change, it’s only begins with YOU, and All!

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