We’re Hanging Our Idols.

“My idea of a good picture is one that is in focus and of a famous person” — Andy Warhol.

Bowie Really Ties The Room Together

From high-end lithographs, to paintings, posters and coffee table books, these Rock Stars are all over luxury New York City apartments. Here are the Top 10 Artists I see in “Staged” homes in New York City:

1- David Bowie (pre-1980)

2- Johhny Cash (always the middle finger one)

Will That Be a 1-Bedroom or a 2-Bedroom?

3- Frank Sinatra (the mug shot)

4- Billie Holiday (almost always B&W)

5- Iggy Pop (various, lots of books)

Just Some Light Reading — Right Iggy?

6- Miles Davis (almost always pre-1960)

7- The Velvet Underground (lots of bananas)

8- Blondie (pre-1980)

Blondie Is A Group

9- Elvis Presley (the first album 95% of the time)

10- The Beatles (almost always post 1966)

All You Need Is Love. And The Down-payment.

It’s pretty easy to see, that at least in NYC, a little Rock and Roll rebellion has become a key cultural signifier for a certain kind of luxury home buyer.

I’m curious how this list differs depending on the city. What’s happening on the walls and coffee tables of your town?