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Modeling and Deploying a Ticket Classifier on AWS

Team — Abhilasha Kanitkar, Jitender Phogat, Pankaj Kishore

In this article, we will try to address a real business problem. In the IT world, most of the production issues are handled in the form of IT support tickets. We will first cover the dataset we used for the problem and which model we used and then how we deployed the model on AWS and was able to do real-time predictions. Let’s get started.

I. Motivation

There are a few platforms which are used for handling the support tickets and keeps track of them like BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, etc. Whenever an issue is raised then somebody will assign the ticket to the most relevant team in his knowledge. …

This is a brief overview of some interesting object detection techniques and introduction to RetinaNet.

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Object detection (source)

In August 2017, Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) team published a paper in which they addressed the problem which one-stage object detectors suffer and couldn’t compete with two-stage detectors in terms of accuracy. But, RetinaNet — a one-stage detector overcome this problem and outperforms the best two-stage detector while still being fast.

But, how??

Let’s get started.

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