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If you are looking for your own business, then why you should don’t start your own app business. Build your own app for a creative and biggest interesting idea. Make sure that your idea is really so unique and its very helpful to app users so it’s make it strong presentation in app lovers world. With the great popularity of your app in app store you can also get too much benefit in your app business.

What is App Business?

App business is a business of apps, where you build a great app with an unique idea. If you are successfully create a great app then its lunched in market to get good response from app users. You can publish your app at itune and google play store according to your app OS version. You can also publish your app on other alternative app stores with popular publishers like Amazon app store, Samsung galaxy apps etc.

Once your app get lots of installs and popularity, then your income source will be started and its increase continues with the popularity of your app. So just to build an app is not enough to get success in app business you must need to increase popularity and good features in your app to invite more and more app users in targeted media.

How to increase your small app business?

It’s such a instant question which point out in each business that how to increase that, well here in app business the key factor to increases app business is App Marketing. Your app business is increases as a parallel to app marketing and its popularity. Lets here you can read most important ways and tips to improve app business with app marketing and other ways.

#Increase your App Popularity (App Marketing) : Marketing is such a main factor to Achieve Target Successfully for which we create product. Same as App Marketing is very important to get your App on top in App Store. Here is i describe some important steps for marketing of new IOS app which is very helpful to get on Top in App Store.

  1. Create Buzz: Create buzz in targeted media and social sites about app. Its necessary to inform to users about app features and its working . Viral a story in targeted media to made them crazy and exited to install your app. if you viral a story about your app before few month of lunching date , then its really provide you a great marketing result.
  2. Impact Positive Effect With Rating & Reviews : Be sure that your app is working fine and completed with its all features. Because its impact like as a positive effect to user so they will refer your app to there circle, which is important to generate leads by getting positive feedback, ratings reviews etc. It is necessary that we also give feedback reply of your reviews to stay communicated and create a good bonding with users.
  3. CPI (Cost Per Install): CPI is a service to your app which is very important to improve installs of your app. For this service you must need to pay for per install and you can get a good results to increases your app installs. that is also helpful to improve your rating and reviews.
  4. Social Media Marketing: You may get attach to your social handles. You must get an appropriate and a decent name for you application on Facebook and Twitter. Keep an open on new social sites to future proof you from changes in the social paradigm. People would soon use it useful to utilise that effectively for mobile app promotion.
  5. PR(Press Release ) and Articles : Write articles in targeted media which is related with your app. put a news about your app through press release. press release writing and distribution service for app marketing helps your app get instant and valuable attention.
  6. Landing Page And App Sites : Landing page is just like as a single page website which is also called as App Site. I must be recommend that put all information in landing page which is available regarding your app (like app download link for app store and play store, Screenshots, video, positive effects etc..).
    Its Very helpful to attract media for download and install your app. Landing page (App Site ) must be design very attractive and provide all social links of app.

#Get your app in higher ranking at app store using ASO :

(ASO) is a process to give a maximum exposure to a particular app in the app stores. ASO will optimize your app in app store and play store. It’s providing first chance to interact with user with app optimization.

We know the facts that there are thousands of mobile apps are available for each and every category. In this competition it is very difficult to get the maximum visibility for your app in the app store, for that ASO is a process which is help your app to get easily discovered by the user from app store.

To increase popularity of your app, your app need to stay continue on higher rank in App Store, and App Store Optimization must be necessary to increase higher ranking of your app keywords. ASO will optimize your app in app store and play store. its provide first chance to interact with user with app optimization. ASO has following key factors to optimize your app ranking.

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  1. App Title: App title is name of your app, which is always must be relevant about your app work category, title have fix limits for iOS App ( 50 characters in App Store) and Android App (255 characters in Play Store).
  2. App Icon : For best optimization of your app, always select neat and clean simple logo image without text. App icon also relevant about your app.
  3. Keywords : Keywords are those words which are mostly searched by users in search engine. Keywords are the good way to get high traffic on your app. If keywords are also relevant to your app then its makes so easy to optimize your app
  4. Screenshots : Screenshots of your app will show all information about your app in a image. Use minimum 5 screenshots of your apps different stages to get better results of your app optimization.
  5. Description : Write a positive and attractive description about your app to attract app users in first reading. In description of your app, explain detail about all key factor of your app.
  6. Video : Make a short video around 30 seconds to 1 Minute, which is must be enough to explain working of your app. Its so simple and effective way to invite users for your app installation

#Present your app at top app submission websites:

  • Submit your app on top websites is such a great way for any app to get popularity in very short time. These sites present your app with its app attractive and key factors details.
  • With App Review Submission sites your app get popularity in very little time period. Because these sites describe everything about your app with positive presentation. Its more effective if you use more popular websites to submit your app, because these sites have lots of users and these users increase and changes in every hours.
  • It’s such a good platform to interact with app users directly. If your app Sumiton top websites then its show every day to app users, so you can get lots of installs and good positive reviews also.

#Give a good response for your app reviews :

If your app user given a time to write out a review about your app which no matter how long, then you should need to take the time to answer back to them. A good response on your app users reviews will motivate them to review continuously on your new apps.

So many companies make the mistake of simply leaving an automated message to their all customer. Not only will this turn away customers but your ranking score will also drop significantly with customers who feel their concerns are not being taken care of.

Regardless of what your customers say, let them know you are trying to resolve the problem by listing out what steps you are taking to solve their issue. Make sure to apologise in your comment if they are not satisfied and offer some way to make the experience better for them.

If your customer is satisfied, thank them for their patronage and find some way to repay them for their kindness. After all, they are putting in the effort to help you succeed.


This blog is writing for you to increase your own app business and get more benefit in your app market. It will be helpful to build your own app business and increase your app popularity