TestFlight Public Beta Link.

TestFlight makes it easy to invite users to test your apps and collect valuable feedback before releasing your apps on the App Store. You can invite up to 10,000 testers using just their email address or a public invitation link.


  1. Get UUID and then share a beta Build
  2. Add the user as Tester in iTunesConnect & share an invite.


TestFlight has made it simpler so make use of it.


  1. You can share build to any iPhone user with single url
  2. Get the feedback with the beta build.
  3. Disable link at any time.

Link is valid for 90 Days.

Lets create TestFlight public beta link.

  1. Login to the iTunes Connect

With the help of below URL


2. Go to MyApps Section

3. Select your app which you wanted to share it to the tester.

4. Now go to TestFlight section

5. Now you will see all the testers, there you will find 2 options.

!) Tester

!!) Build

Now select the Build.

Once you tap on it you will see the below popup

Just select the build and and enable it. Once you Add build for testing.

Now you just have to enable the public link.

And share that link anywhere you want.

If you want to disable the link, just disable it from the same place.

URL will become invalid, no one can make use of the URL to download the app.

So user will no longer accessible for this link.

Done that’s it.

Please feel free to add comment if any.

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