How to create Quizup game in 3 easy steps

Quizup screenshot

Before going ahead with steps, lets discuss what all elements are involved in Quizup game

A. Storage that stores game content like Quizzes, player scores, user data, leaderboard etc

B. Gaming logic like playing with fb friends / random opponents

C. Mobile app like android / ios

If you know any of the mobile technology mentioned in step 3 than making game like Quizup won’t take you more than 1–2 months with moderate UI.

  1. Use mBaas for storage:

For game like Quizup (or any other trivia game), Quizzes will form your main content of the game. So we need some kind of storage for storing quizzes. We also need to store user scores, user profiles along with quizzes. Now we can easily deploy database (Mysql / NoSql) on AWS which can store all the data for the game.

Problem with this approach is that we will also need to write an api to fetch data from database which is time consuming and than we will need some server to host these api(s), so we need to have knowledge of backend server along with mobile development. Lets make use of new technology called as mBaas (Mobile backend as a service), we won’t go into deep for now but to understand in short, mBaas is a model that provides some sort of database and readily available sdk(s) to fetch data from the database hence we don’t need to write/expose any api for storing / fetching any data. There are many mBaas providers available today that can provide these services. But I would suggest to use one that is specifically designed for games like app42 (shephertz) /

Following are services that are provided by app42 (shephertz) / which can be consumed in app by using their sdk(s):

a. User Management

b. Leaderboard

c. No SQL Storage (For storing quizzes)

d. Avatar management (For profile pictures)

e. Buddy management

f. Message service (For chat)

g. Achievement service

Using their services, we don’t have to write single line of code for backend, neither we have to maintain any database or worry about its scalability, all these issues are taken care by these service providers themselves. We now have to concentrate only on our app UI.

2. Use service provider like appwarp (shephertz) / photonengine for gaming logic:

Any multi-player game (like Quizup) will require gaming logic like match making (to find opponent), room creation (virtual room where game will be played), Realtime logic (to play game in realtime / live). Gone are the days, where you have to write complex logics as mentioned above on server side. We can take advantage of these platforms using their sdk(s), following are services provided by them:

a. Multiplayer management

b. Turn based game logic

c. Match making

d. Connection resiliency (Handle game in case of poor network on app)

e. Real time messaging

f. Room creation

Again we don’t have to write a single line of code for above gaming logics and just have to consume them in the app.

3. Create android / ios app:

This is where actual work has to be done, instead of worrying about gaming logics or storage (server side management), we just have to concentrate on our app UI. Using above mentioned service providers, our time to market will be reduced substantially. All service providers mentioned above have exposed their sdk(s) for ios, Android and other mobile platforms.

If someone is looking for a single service provider than shephertz can be optimal solution since they provide both mBaas (app42) and gaming logic (appwarp) else one can also combine playfab (mBaas) with photonengine (gaming logic). The best part of these service providers is that they are free for certain number of users after which they will charge as per the model “Pay as you go”.

So there it is how to create game like Quizup in 3 easy steps. I wish you Best of Luck for your next Game.