Koach TV — launching 9am PST on 8th March 2017

Koach TV, first dedicated platform for YouTube’s massive but overlooked fitness community (Media Kit)

This was a media kit we had prepared for our launch of Koach TV in early 2017. Might be helpful to anyone who is looking to do a launch press release!

Hi there!

Next week we are launching Koach TV on the iPhone and wish to announce this to the world no earlier than 9am PST on the 8th of March 2017.

We love medium and how it makes everything look so good so we decided why not put our media kit right here? I do hope this helps make your life a lot easier. If you have any questions/feedback you can always reach out to me at jitesh@koach.tv

Please scroll down to read the release.


Jitesh Chhabria,
CEO & Co-founder at Sensable Dynamics

You can watch a quick 3-min walkthrough of Koach TV here
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You can find a text version of the Press Release provided below here
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Press Release

  • Sensable Dynamics launches Koach TV, first fitness app with tracker and planner to get in shape with hundreds of free workouts from YouTube.
  • YouTube’s fitness creators get their own mobile fitness platform.
  • Fitness platform promises to quantify hundreds of workouts on YouTube, no need for a physical tracker.
  • It’s finally possible to find the best workouts from YouTube and track your fitness performance all within one app.

HONG KONG — March 8th, 2017 — Available today, Koach TV offers an app that curates the best workout content from YouTube with extensive features for fitness tracking, planning, reminders, and more, to users of the iPhone devices.

YouTube is home to many popular fitness channels such as FitnessBlender, Blogilates and Yoga With Adriene. FitnessBlender alone boasts a collection of over 500 full-length workout videos attracting over 3.8 million total subscribers and over 578 million total views. But despite such great content, there is just too much hassle in filtering and finding suitable workouts, or in making fitness plans. Furthermore, it’s basically impossible to track one’s fitness performance with YouTube. Koach TV aims to remove all these hassles by redesigning a brand new experience for fitness right on top of this YouTube content.

The best way to follow along YouTube’s fitness videos with an interactive exercise list

“Building a fitness habit is easy if you have convenient access and if it involves something you will look forward to doing every day,” says the Co-founder and CEO of Sensable Dynamics, Jitesh Chhabria. Most competing fitness apps either offer boring and looping animations and clips or a static library of workouts. “YouTube, on the other hand, has lots of great content. Hundred’s of fitness creators release new videos there every week. They cover everything under the sun from Strength and HIIT to Yoga workouts. Also, most of these creators are certified professionals running their own studios or personal training services,” he says. “The workouts they produce are fun, engaging and very unique just like boutique fitness classes”. He continues, “but unfortunately on YouTube, the viewers have to spend way more time simply finding the right workouts to do than actually working out. YouTube is simply not designed for fitness or to drive a fitness lifestyle.”

Fitness tracking on Koach TV even without a wearable tracker

All workout videos on Koach TV are scientifically analysed to extract detailed exercise lists, calorie burn and body focus data. “We have been building a huge library of over 3000 exercises with all associated data such as targeted muscles, intensity, difficulty and other activity information,” says Jitesh. All of this data is being sourced from credible repositories such as The American Council on Exercise, The American College of Sports Medicine, and the NSCA authorised ExRx.net among others. This data is further personalised on an individual basis based on the user’s information such as body weight, height, gender and such. Koach TV is the first app that allows users to conveniently find and filter YouTube workouts based on goals and body focus and then track their fitness performance in these workouts even without the hassle of a physical tracker. Allocating time and making plans is essential to building a sustainable fitness habit. For this Koach TV provides an easy to use scheduling feature that allows users to quickly plan workouts into their calendar. In addition, the Koach TV app also allows tracking of activities done outside of its own content, such as running or cycling, and it syncs all this data into one unified location for convenient tracking onto Apple’s own Health app.

“Over the next months, we are working on building personalised recommendations, out of the box workout plans and an engaging social community into the Koach TV experience,” says Jitesh. “Once the app knows your goals and preferences, it should automatically be able to find and schedule the best workouts for you.”

“YouTube’s fitness creators are powerful influencers with a reach to millions of viewers. They deserve a dedicated platform that adds value to their content and helps them best engage their audience,” says Jitesh. “As a platform, we intend to build direct partnerships with fitness creators so they can deliver a lot more value to their audience and better monetize their following.”

With a variety of top workout content from YouTube, and an experience designed specially to build fitness habits, Koach TV is one of the best ways to get started on a fun and convenient fitness journey.

Koach TV is available for free on the App Store for iPhone devices. Learn more about Koach TV at http://app.koach.tv


Koach TV is a mobile fitness platform which curates workouts from passionate fitness creators on YouTube. It offers tracking, planning, reminders and tonnes of other features designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Koach TV has been developed by Sensable Dynamics in Hong Kong which was founded by Jitesh Chhabria and Phillip Chan in 2015 to develop sports and fitness solutions. Sensable Dynamics has won multiple awards and was also honoured as a Kairos K50 company in 2015 which recognises the top 50 international companies founded by young founders under the age of 25.


Name: Jitesh Chhabria

Phone: +852–XXXXXXXX

Email: jitesh@koach.tv

Koach TV iPhone App Store Images

Koach TV iPhone App Screenshots


Easy to use filters to discover workouts
Easy to scroll workout video timeline
Easy fitness tracking for motivation

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Koach TV Logo

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In case you missed it..

You can watch a quick 3-min walkthrough of Koach TV here
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You can find a text version of the Press Release provided above here
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You can also find all of the images/media provided above on Dropbox here
👉 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oh8s8zc2y5xqdy1/AABmKS-T_ruemdAGUzBovOIFa?dl=0

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