WordPress facts 2017.

The 3 WordPress facts 2017, this will really blow your mind.

Even if you do not have an active blog of your own, you have probably heard of WordPress before. Heck, you have probably even given it a try, right? My point is, this piece of software has quickly become one of the most important platforms of our age — and it only launched in 2003!

Your life would not be the same if WordPress never launched because the web would not be the same web that we know today. Here are three facts that show just how much influence it has and how much we rely on it as a society.

Here are the top WordPress facts 207:

1. More than 1-in-4 websites across the world use WordPress.

2. Is used by world-class publications. Did you know that the online versions of The New York Times, People, National Geographic, and Forbes all run on WordPress? And even though we don’t quite rank up there with those sites just yet, Thebloggercity and newsrar also runs on WP! It truly is everywhere.

3. Over 500 new WordPress sites are created daily.

Originally published at thebloggercity.com on August 15, 2017.