Are we becoming a machine during Examination

To solve a problem using a computer, we write algorithms. The reason why we need an algorithm for a computer is that a computer doesn’t have the ability to think by itself to find out a method by which a problem can be solved. It merely follows the instructions that we provide and solves it by implementing those instructions just as it is.

But the thing is that it is very good at implementing those instructions at an extreme speed, numerous times the speed at which any human could ever do it.

So the point is that computers are very good at calculation and humans are good at thinking.

But at times, some humans without them realizing it, become machines. They solve problems by following algorithms without actually thinking much about the problem itself.

One of the greatest problems in the education system today is this.

What it does is it forces humans to be like machines. They learn in such a way that in the examination, they can solve a problem without thinking much about it. If certain steps are followed in a certain order, you get the solution. What they are doing is that they are just memorizing the steps without actually knowing its relevance. And the human brain has a problem. It tries its level best to discard memory items that it finds to be irrelevant. So even if we become successful at solving problems in the exam by following an algorithm that we memorized. If we failed to fully understand its relevance, our brain just discards it. So the whole effort that you have taken turned out to be pointless.

The whole education drama can be summarized in two steps.

1)Students memorize things without actually realizing its relevance.

2)Their brain discards them because it finds them to be irrelevant.

The result is that for these 3 hours of time called examination, we become machines, which solve problems without knowing much about the problem itself.

In the worst case, sometimes people find themselves in a situation when even after studying an entire paper in a semester and passing the examination, they don’t know the basic aspects related to it.

So make a conscious effort to be more of a human and less of a machine.

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