Something I wish to witness before I leave

Everyone who has ever lived, every story that has ever been told, every event that has ever occured, everything that has ever been build, all of them, literally all of them can be confined to that pale blue little dot that you see in the image which is our home planet.

And this image tells us how puny our planet is, when compared to the immensity of the cosmos, yet we have a huge collection of stories to tell. Stories about the great leaders who have shaped our histories, stories about efforts taken by scientists to know about our Universe, stories of all the great sacrifices made, all the beautiful love stories, all the great mythologies and legends, all the beautiful literatures, all the beautiful musics ever composed, all the great artworks, languages, the knowledge that we have gathered about life forms, mathematical formulas that we have discovered etc etc etc.

Our puny planet has a lot to tell. And all the stories that we humans have to tell are only few million years old because it’s only few million years since we have been here on this planet. So within these few million years, we have generated lots and lots of stories.

Considering the immensity of the cosmos, we can never neglect the possibility of existence of other worlds. Just imagine the stories another civilization which has evolved completely independently has to tell. And if they have been here for more time than us, it is certain that the story that they have to tell will be far more diverse and vast when compared to ours.

They might be extremely different from us. Sometimes even the way they experience time will be different from ours. They might have senses alien to us. They might not have ability to hear, so we might never be able to make them appreciate the emotional satisfaction that music provide us. And similarly they might have some other sense using which they appreciate some other form of art like the music that we have and we might never be able to appreciate the emotional bliss that they get through it. Yet there will be many many things that we can share.

All the people who have ever lived and died were unfortunate for they were able to hear only one civilization’s story, that’s ours. But you the reader living in present, you might be lucky because the possibility of you witnessing an encounter to get a chance to hear another story is something that cannot be denied.

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