Two questions that will help you to lead a fulfilled life!

I have found two important questions, to which you need to find answers, which will help you profoundly in your pursuit for leading a fulfilled life. If you have already found satisfactory answers to them, Bravo! it is highly likely that you are in the right path.

So the questions -

1) What is it that you want from the world?

2) What is it that you wish to give back to the world?

Is that all? If I find answers to these questions, is it guaranteed that I will have a fulfiled life? No, its not. I haven't said that finding the answers to these questions is the end. But it is a great advancement.

Knowing what is it that you want from the world doesn’t mean that you already have it and knowing what is it that you want to give back to the world doesn’t mean that you are already capable of doing it at present. But you are in the right path and with smart work you can achieve what you want and this is the first step towards it. You can never reach the goal if the first step that you take is the wrong one. People who feel that they are lost in their lives are really the ones who don’t have satisfactory answers to these questions and thus have not taken the initial steps.

Let me elaborate my point about the first question. " What is it that you want ? " by taking you through the life of an average Indian BTech graduate. He is not sure what he wants, but the society convinces him that all it takes to lead a comfortable life is to get placed in a good company and so he tries his best to get it done. And when he is in and starts his job and gets going, he realizes that this is not what he wants and he is lacking something in his life. If he had thought about what he really wanted in the first place, he could have taken a better decision initially. He thinks may be taking masters will solve his problems and fills the gap that he’s having in his life. So he takes masters and gets a job with a better pay.

But what I think is that even that won’t satisfy him. It’s not because human beings are greedy by nature, but they do not put enough time into thinking what they really want from life. Is it money, is it career goals or is it relationship goals or travelling goals? Think about the causes of the gap that you feel in your life and work on that.

A note- These are just some observations of mine. I don’t know if I’m qualified enough for talking all these because I’m also just another average BTech student who is trying hard to sort things out myself. You should correct me if I’m wrong.

And now the second question. What is it that you want to give back to the world. How does that question help you lead a fulfilled life. To answer this question, I’m taking the lives of some people that I admire, who I think are leading or have lead better fulfilled lives themselves. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Salman Khan, founder of Khan academy, Mark Zuckerberg , these are just few of them. Look at their lives. I’ve chosen these people because they are famous and I have heard about them. But of course there are countless others who are not famous and who might be leading more fulfilled lives than these people. But one thing is certain for sure. All these people have something in common. They are doing stuffs in life which is becoming a help to humanity. They are giving back to the world with what they have and that’s the key. Dalai Lama said that you find real happiness when you do something that really helps others and Gandhiji said you find yourself when you get lost in the service of others. So take your time to have thoughts about what is that you really want and what is it that you want to give back to the world.

Share your thoughts.

PS -This video might help you…

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