The most beautiful feeling…

Albert Einstein once said the most beautiful feeling that one can experience is that of the mysterious.

Let me make an attempt to make you appreciate what he said.

Stop all that you are doing right now.

Take a deep breath…

Look around…observe the world around you…

The fact that all the things you see around you exist and you are now witnessing them.

Doesn’t it appear to be odd?

I mean, why do all these things exist? Shouldn’t be the state of nonexistence of everything and emptiness suppose to be the more rational?

A state in which nothing exists, neither you, me nor this Universe.

Just think more about it and you’ll understand what I’m trying to explain.

Let me tell you about another beautiful feeling of mysteriousness that I experience often.

It usually occurs during the mornings, just after I wake up, sometimes this question pops into my mind…

“Where was I for the last couple of hours?”.

“Of course, I was in sleep”.

But then I think more about it and the thought becomes more and more interesting. Wasn’t I in a state in which I was not conscious of my surroundings and myself.

A state in which all my senses were dead, which are the only means for me to experience the world around me and have you ever thought that we happen to be in almost the same state before we were born and after our lives are over? Pretty disturbing thought, right?

A thought which is pretty difficult to relate to. But if you do as I said, if you try to think about the time prior to your waking up just after you wake up, you can definitely feel the mysteriousness of nonexistence and thereby experience the kind of beauty that Einstein said.

Our Universe has been here for many billions of years and it will be here for many more billions of years to come. And all the significant portion of the time, aren’t we in this perpetual state of sleep except for the few years that we are experiencing right now.

Each time we go to bed, aren’t we getting a small glimpse of that state which we are/were in for the significant part of the life of the Universe?

I don’t know if there is a life after death or if there is one before birth. But as of now, I believe that we move into this state of perpetual sleep when our lives are over, the same state we were once in before coming into life.

So each time when you wake up from sleep, think about it.

You’ll have a better appreciation of the time that you are conscious and will feel blessed for having been woken up from the sleep to have a glimpse of all these wonderful creations.

Make better use of the time that you are conscious for it is the most precious thing that we are all gifted with.

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