Must-Have Items for Your Health

#1. Magnesium Spray

Activation Products Magnesium Spray (Link)

Dr Axe estimates that 80% of us are magnesium deficient — symptoms can range from muscle aches or spasms, poor digestion, anxiety to trouble sleeping. For magnesium supplementation, research has shown that magnesium sprays applied to the skin (transdermal supplements) work far better than oral supplements.

I highly recommend using Activation Products’ Magnesium Spray. After using this, my family benefits from better sleep and reduced occurrences of headaches. Unlike other sprays that might cause a tingling sensation on your skin, this product is totally non-irritating on the skin as it uses magnesium chloride hexahydrate instead of magnesium chloride.

#2 Black Sesame Tahini

Organic Black Tahini (Link)

Since ancient times, black sesame has been revered as a superfood by the Chinese. Rightfully so as it’s packed with tons of nutrients (manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc and dietary fibre). After being recommended by my Chinese Herbalist to take black sesame regularly, I research it more and the health benefits are numerous! Of course, one benefit definitely stand out more and it is warding off grey hair ;)

I recommend Kevala Organic Black Sesame Tahini. It’s a organic pure black sesame paste unadulterated by any other ingredients. Short of munching on black sesame seeds, other alternatives are filled with many unwanted ingredients such as sugar and gluten. Spread the Tahini on a gluten-free toast and enjoy the burst of goodness.

#3. Roll-On Stick For Migraine

Migraine Stick [Link]

Sometimes in life, you can’t choose what you get. And other times, migraine chooses you! This stick of a life-saver (Migrastil Migraine Stick) comes heavily recommended in combating the sudden attack of a migraine. A simple rolling of the stick on your temples and viola, pain relieved! A+ for being 100% natural and A+ for not eating another pill with potential side-effect!

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