Jiva is on a mission to empower millions of farmers across the world with digital solutions built for their specific needs.

Jiva is an AgTech company with a mission to empower millions of farmers around the world to increase their yields and grow their incomes with innovative, scalable, and user-friendly technology.

What we do

Jiva is building a suite of applications, products, and services to digitize the rural supply chain and bring rural farming into the future.

Jiva partners with both farmers and supply chain stakeholders from the planning stage to post-harvest, offering four key services:

  • Microfinance: Jiva extends low-cost, digital credit via our…

February 2021

AgriCentral is an Olam-backed and incubated agriculture app for Indian farmers. Established in 2018, AgriCentrals mission is to help farmers make critical agri-business decisions and increase their profitability.

AgriCentral focuses on delivering useful and intuitive features to the millions of farmers who have already downloaded the app, including…

October 2021

Jiva reached an incredible milestone this week — over US$1 MILLION in financing extended to 4,100 farmers across South Sulawesi!

Why does Jiva provide financing to farmers?

Jiva provides financing to farmers because many factors that trap and keep smallholder farmers below the poverty line can be stopped…

October 2021

Sometimes, a few small changes make a massive difference. This is the case with one of our farmers, Pak Saripuddin.

Pak Saripuddin typically grows ~3 metric tonnes of corn on his 1 hectare field each cycle. After one season of following Jiva’s practical, feasible and personalized advice, he…

December 2021

Over four growing seasons in South Sulawesi, we have put our agronomy advice to the test through a series of demonstration plots. These plots are live, in-situ tests of how Jiva’s advice before, during and after the growing cycle affects a farmer’s yield.

Here’s how it works:

  • Well…


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