Introducing Jiva

Jiva is an AgTech company with a mission to empower millions of farmers around the world to increase their yields and grow their incomes with innovative, scalable, and user-friendly technology.

What we do

  • Microfinance: Jiva extends low-cost, digital credit via our farmer application, with no obligation to repay until after harvest
  • E-commerce: Farmers use their credit to purchase high-quality farm supplies from Jiva’s in-app store; Jiva delivers to the farmer’s doorstep at no extra charge
  • Advisory: Jiva’s personalized, AI-powered advisory platform delivers feasible, engaging, and impactful agronomic advice; the “Ask Jiva” feature allows farmers to speak with live experts whenever they need assistance
  • Harvest Purchase: Once the farmer schedules their desired pickup date via the app, Jiva provides honest scales, moisture meters, and transparent prices, so farmers always know they are getting paid fairly for their crops

Why we do it



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Jiva is on a mission to empower millions of farmers across the world with digital solutions built for their specific needs.