The Benefits of Including Foxtail Millets in Your Diet

It is true that we do not know much about foxtail millet as our grandparents did know because they had not only seen them every day but also had used them. When we hear about foxtail millet we first google it to know what it is and all we can find is flashy nutrient charts. But do you know foxtail millets is not new to India? Earlier it used to be a part of a staple diet for the people of ancient India. According to many archaeologists, Foxtail Millets is one of the oldest known species in India. Due to the rampant rice production and also because of the introduction of the subsidized rice scheme in the early eighties, people started switching over to rice and thus millets started taking the back seat in our daily diet chart. But there are rural areas where foxtail millets are still a part of the staple.

However, in the recent time, Foxtail Millets is so much in news and that it has finally made a big comeback. But still it is hard to find foxtail millet in the market but with the advancement of technology now you can easily buy foxtail millet online. It has become an important part of your diet as it diabetic-friendly, high in nutrition level and also a non-glutinous food. This is the soul reason why a large number of people are now opting for foxtail millets over rice. It is also very rich in dietary fibre, protein and low in fat content.

There are some traditional dishes like payasam, chapatti, porridge, that are made using foxtail millet and are also all time famous dishes. A new contemporary twist has been given to millets in the form of burfi, biscuits, salads, baked items and now almost anything is being made with foxtail millets because of the health benefits that it has. Here is a list of those benefits that made the comeback of foxtail millet possible:

• Foxtail Millets are diabetic friendly. It also helps in lowering blood glucose levels and also improves insulin response in your body. The magnesium content in the foxtail millet helps in the secretion of insulin and also helps to manage metabolism of glucose in the body.

• Foxtail millet has a low Glycemic Index, which helps to rank carbs by the amount they raise food glucose levels compared to a reference food. Therefore, millets help in increasing satiety, decreasing hunger and also slows down the rate of digestion. Millets releases sugar slowly in our blood stream which enables us to work for long durations.

• Foxtail Millets are also a rich source of phosphorus which is very important for energy production and is also an essential component of ATP.

• It is basically low on allergenic.

• Did you know Foxtail Millets also acts as a cofactor for more than 300 enzymes?

• Foxtail millet does not contain gluten thus making it ideal alternative for the people who are gluten-sensitive.

• Lignans that are present in foxtail millets are also protects you against breast cancer as well as heart diseases.

• It is also an antioxidant and can be used to get rid of the toxins from your body and we all know that a toxin-free body is obviously a healthy one.

Foxtail millets are ecofriendly in nature as it does not requite any kind of synthetic fertilizer and the farmers can easily grow them with the help of farmyard manure. Nowadays more and more people are opting for organic food and thus most farmers are preferring the natural form of production. These ecofriendly food products are easily available on sites that sell organic products online. So, that you can enjoy farm fresh food from the farm straight to your dinner table.