DRAWER: new way to reveal content

Jivan Shrestha
Dec 2, 2016 · 2 min read

The UI below is very familiar.

Yeah that is modal. But i hate it. Why I hate modals so badly, I ask myself, did it break my relation with girlfriend. Did it waste my time, dollars .Nope. I see huge applications (web and mobile) using modal unconsciously. They really don’t know what it is for?

Modal is made to show new content hiding previous content from your eyes. New content can be anythings, videos, gallery, text, forms, blah blah What I a trying to clarify every content is NOT suitable for modal. Especially for adding or editing content, Modal is difficult to work with.

New Approach

1. There is higher chances of feeling bound cause it is not completely different interface.

2. User can take reference from available content even interact with unless it enforces page refresh.

3. Drawer is more mobile friendly than modal. In modal, we have to look for cross icon somewhere in top right. Drawer can be simply closed with slide gestures. If drawer comes from right, swipe right, more intuitive than modal close icon.

New Problems

If I missed any other problem, please mention in comment. I made myself drawer.js by modifying bootstrap plugin”modal”. Hope it helps Grap the plugin from github.

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