8. Story About How Things Make You Less Creative

I just got back from returning half the things I bought at IKEA three weeks ago. Instead of making my life better, all the extra, un-necessities pulled me under.

I bought a mirror to look at myself closer. Ew, no thanks.
I bought a set of drawers that allowed me to put more things into it.
I bought an art frame that I could’ve probably drawn better.

Since I vowed to be more mindful and together with myself at various moments- commuting, cooking, drinking tea, trying to get on Facebook but getting blocked by the wonderful StayFocusd, missing my mom, etc- I’ve become more aware of the unnecessary things, people, events and distractions in my life.

And while cooking today with limited resources (because I’ve decided to also have a tighter budget now), I learned how much more creative I could be. I was making Korean curry with rice noodles (hidden in the dark corners of the cabinet) and spicy pork I’d frozen a month ago. I have to say it was not that delicious, but hey, I made a new dish out of “nothing,” or things I’d forgotten existed.

They say having limits (in my case, less stuff) makes you more creative. I could not disagree.

Okay, let’s simplify that- I agree.