Day 0, the Lime project

Day 0

I had a quarrel with my husband during this weekend. As always, babysitting and house chores were the main reason for it. We are both software engineers in Silicon Valley, raising a 4-yr old daughter. While both of us are pursuing the ‘reasonably similar’ performance with our colleagues (who often have the support from their spouses), we have very limited time and resources for housekeeping and raising our kid. It’s the reality of most families with both parents working: we cannot have it all. I know our living room will never be neat and clean as the picture of the booklet from Pottery Barn, my little girl will never be like ‘princess’ with the nice and clean dress and well-braided hair. These are beyond the limit of our resource — unless we hire someone to make them happen once we have enough resource.

Anyhow, although our goal is not a perfect living room, but just ‘to make things go on as smoothly as possible’, still there are lots of chores to do to maintain the status quo: cooking, dish washing, laundry, grocery shopping, ‘the very basic’ cleaning of the living spaces, playing with a kid, shower with a kid, bedtime reading for a kid, make our daughter sleep (she needs at least one of us with her until she falls asleep). We have argued again and again over the same scheduling issue of these tasks, we tried using a spreadsheet to balance between us, made a simple dashboard to inform who needs to drop/pick up our kid and so on. Still these were not perfect solutions, that’s why we had yet another argument this weekend — that was our conclusion three hours ago, after 50+ hours of disagreement followed by somewhat dramatic resolution.

So, here comes our new project: the family chore issue tracker. We would like to keep track of the ‘issues’ of our family, manage them as efficient as possible, and review our resource allocation. If we are still far from achieving our goal (=to make things go on) even after making balanced task assignments, we would need extra resources, such as nanny or laundry service. We will update the progress of the project here, and we will open-source it.

The Lime project, day 0.

The next one: what are the issue trackers out there?