Ice Climbing Info


肘部高,从手指到肩部对齐,握柄放松,当手臂直线时,瞄准冰面下方一英寸的点,如李小龙穿过对手。 冰镐顶部的寸勁,像鸡啄食,拔动冰镐,摇摆!(swing, test, trust)

Elbow high, bones aligned from fingers through shoulder, grip relaxed, the tool snaps over the top when the arm goes straight, aim for a point one inch below the ice surface like Bruce Lee punching through an opponent. Pecking like a chicken will get you plucked off, swing ‘em!


I’m an ice climbing beginner. Only got two outdoor ice climbing experiences. And I only do top roping, the risk is relatively low.

Even read the best climber’s article, should save some thoughts.

I don’t think a one article, anyone can cover everything.

another thing need to put in mind, why he says something like that? What’s the behind scene reason? What makes he want to bring this up…..

1) When the weather forecasts the temperature is low, I would say, or should be concerned about: Winds and sunset time and whether cloudy or not!

When weather is very cold, I would say, wind is the main reason take away the body heat.

When weather temperature is very low, if there is sun, first outside temperature will not drop particularly fast!

2) About the clothing system:

There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing!

So when you feel cold, you are freezing, you need to think about is your clothes! Much enough? Good enough?

I think: The most troubling is the wind, (Tradition Chinese Medicine also says that wind no shape, go everywhere it wants. It’s the main reason you get illness.)

When it is windy, your clothes will be blowing through immediately , making the body heat rapidly lost.

And: the wind is everywhere, clothes seams easier leak.

Like the windows of the house, is a major cause of the loss heat through windows, (thin, leaking)

So, in addition to covering the whole body except for good, all the seams of clothes should protect.

Check the seams order may be:

Head & face protect : windproof mask (or cover ears hat)

Neck: I suggest using thin muffler (because the clothes will have a collar)

Waist: Tops recommendations have one to two, insert the pants! So when climbing is not easily pulled into

Wrist: seal the inner layer sleeve (recommended to use gloves which has cover on wrist)

Layer system info:

The key is not how thick clothes are , but the layers and windproof:

Number one rule : You can not use cotton, sweating can not be quickly drained, and will cause hypothermia

Second Rule: each layer has some air between, is keeping insulation’s key.

Base layer:

Mid layer 1: insulation fleece

Mid layer 2: Windproof soft shell

Last layer: Windproof hard shell

Third one: When you stop physical activity, choose, such as most people will choose a down jacket, as belay jacket, a thick gloves as belay gloves, etc.)

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