Some more impression about React.js in China in 2019

Jun 9, 2019 · 3 min read

There was a post in 2017 talking about React.js community in China,

At that time I was working in, which chose Vue.js as it’s primary framework. Vue is great. I just has more knowledge in Functional Programming than in Observables.

It has been 2 years now. Besides, I joined VueConf Shanghai yesterday and talked to many friends there. Vue is even more quite popular in China after two years. Now it’s the 3rd Vue Conf in China after two of them held in Beijing and Hangzhou. And this year we might have 2nd React China Conf here, after the first one held in Guangzhou last year.

I think think React users are not decreasing in these years. 蚂蚁金服(Ant Finance) is using antd(Ant Design) as the primary UI framework. And I think many projects in Alibaba are using antd too since their relationships. Meanwhile antd is not their only UI framework based on React. I was told that there are 1000+ projects using antd and might be even more.

Ihe company I’m currently working for in Shanghai is using React to build to-business web apps. As I know, several companies in Shanghai are using React as well, and many small companies. And I listened to a speech from Ctrip last month on React Hooks. There might be more small companies using Vue in their projects based on my impression of interviewing younger developers. But we do have many people who used React in projects.

I don’t see people writing about React Hooks recently. Based on answers from Zhihu, many of us are adopting React Hooks. There’s no doubt a lot of JavaScript developers here know about React Hooks even though there’s a gap between two different languages. And I think many people are understanding it quite well.

I also met two of the translators of latest React Docs during Vue Conf yesterday. We didn’t talk much about it but we all glad that it has been finished. I didn’t really joined them in translating. But I saw them discussing about the terminologies about React for a while. Quite some people are involved in the process of translating.

Other than that, we often have several topics around React in various Web conferences, such as FDCon and GMTC.

After listening to people talk in VueConf, I found that React Native is inspiring Chinese web developers a lot. A lot of people know WeChat mini programs, which runs JavaScript apps inside WeChat. Alibaba got its React Native like solution too. Weex is one of them, and they also have something called “mini programs”. If someone join us in a conference, he/she may hear 5 or 10+ mini apps being talked about, that were supported by some apps from various companies.

Besides that, we also have QuickApps drafted and developed by Chinese phone makers, like Vivo, OPPO, XiaoMi and others. QuickApps and Weex are more similar to React Native rather than mini apps. It’s really a surprise how many people are inspired. The platforms may be far less mature compared to React Native, but at least they are already serving plenty of Chinese users.

I can remember some old stories told by my friends about 2014. One in the Vue community told me that he was thinking about something like MVVM and wanted to create his own library. Later he saw Vue and then decided to join Vue development. Another friend of mine was developing his own framework in Beijing and actually used them in products. Then React came and turned out React provided a better solution. And I have friends customized React to fit their own needs too in Shanghai and Hangzhou. Developers in China are exploring solutions, and are trying better ideas, some of the ideas are really smart even though they are shadowed by React and Vue.

As it comes to mini programs and QuickApps, I think there will be also smart ideas popping up. Although they are not directly contributing back to React, it shew that React community does spreaded ideas in China.

Just gathered some random thoughts. Hope it’s helpful.


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