The Chinese part of React community

I don’t think Vue is as powerful as React. When Vue got really popular in China I felt more and more confused. I was helping running the forum of React China for years, however Vue is catching up and even succeeded.

Then I draw a conclusion: React China is very strange. And one day I realized that it is, it is always strange. The language barrier. Being a community we should have core contributor, library developers, and users, very roughly. In different roles, people communicate and work together, toward a better tech stack.

In a community, we have problems to solve, we have beginners to teach, and we want to spent less while receiving more at work. However, it’s not the case for React China. It’s a local group, however it’s a too large local group. We want a lot more than what we currently have. And we should have the energy to do more considering the popularity of developers in China, while the situation is not satisfying.

No doubt that China has a lot of programmers. I’m not sure about the data, but it’s sounds huge on the news:

So, where are all these developers living? According to the report, 19 percent of the worldwide population of software developers (both pros and those coding for funzies) live in the U.S.; China has 10 percent ; and India has 9.8 percent . India has more pros than China, which has more hobbyists. Looking at the bigger picture, 36 percent of all software developers live in the Asia/Pacific region; 39 percent live in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; and 30 percent live in the Americas.
by IDC in 2014

And according to, in 2016 there’s a huge growth in signups from China. Maybe the number is not accurate enough, but it’s still huge based on the base population:

React is famous among Chinese programmers. Many people are watching questions and conversions on Zhihu(roughly Chinese Quora). And on React China forum it’s 6k users per day. I can’t say all users are Chinese, but at least the posts on the forum are almost written in Chinese.

I see more programmers in China can read very basic English but it is harder to write. We have English classes in college, but I don’t think it’s enough. I hear many people complain on the forum that the docs is not translated(however, it’s our own problem). Also sometimes we think Redux is hard, Babel is hard, or Webpack is hard. I think many of them read issues and StackOverflows in English, but not all people can participate, like joining in Reactiflux or Twitter.

I see people forwarding informations from Twitter to Weibo and people loved it. So I started doing that too, people are interested. By reading Twitter you almost learn new technologies realtime with the English community. Like yesterday, Prepack spread very quickly in Weibo and WeChat, just 7 hours after it’s posted on Twitter. I guess we have too many people working with JavaScript.

So we get updates from English community everyday, but we barely managed to send enough feedback. Sometimes we contribute to React, like, react-lite, Rax, and that’s the good part.