Day-19: Devon’s first lesson at Bitmaker

Today, Devon taught his very first lesson at Bitmaker, and I think he did it very well (I also liked his shirt!) He was very smooth, relaxed, and was able to maintain his pace throughout the lesson. Sometimes his voice couldn’t be heard at the back of the classroom, but besides that he was very chill. I liked how before moving on to the next point in the lesson, he’d pause and ask if everyone is following. Anyways, today’s lesson was about team working on Git.

It is very crucial to commit as frequently as possible. If there’s a giant commit, it makes it very difficult to go back to a specific point where everything was working. When committing, be nice to your teammates, and yourself, by writing a nice commit message, which describes what you changed.

Master branch represents the stable state of the app. When working as a team, members should avoid stepping on each other’s foot as much as possible. Therefore, members create a feature branch of the area they’d be working on.

When the work is done and ready to merge, you can make a pull request on github, which can be reviewed by your teammates before merging with the master branch.

some useful git commands we learned today:
git branch branch_name => creates a new branch 
git checkout branch_name => switches branch
git checkout -b checkout branch_name => creates AND switches to new branch
git branch -d branch_name => deletes local branch
git branch -dr branch_name => deletes remote branch
git diff => view all the merge conflicts

Quotes from today’s lesson:

“…Fi…Fih..Fifonacci sequence?”

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