Day-20: “And this too, shall pass away”

  • Testing(in coding) is like an insurance policy for future changes, and it makes things much more maintainable. Most of workplace will require you to write tests, especially if you’ll be working on rails, so it is super important that you master this craft. Usually, a combination of integration and model test is good enough.

I don’t want this course to end. I’m really grateful for this opportunity, to be able to learn new things. But sadly, 4 weeks have gone by already, and we’re almost half way through the course. This week has been slow for me; I wasn’t really proactive enough. I did concentrate during the lectures, and took lots of notes, but I didn’t revisit those notes nor redo any of the assignments. I did, however, finish all the prep course, and uploaded an html version of my resume. So I guess it wasn’t all that bad. I still need to do more polishing on the resume, so I will keep working on it.

At this point, I need to think about few things..
* What is my goal at Bitmaker? Is it just to get a job? What kind of job?
* What do I want to create for my final project, and should I work as a group or solo?

I shall be pondering about these two things during next week.

Quotes of the day:
“…A lot of people gets bitten by that…”