Day-27: We don’t call it AJAJ!

“AJAX is hard!”

That’s what we were told at the beginning of the class today. After completing the assignment, I did find them challenging, but at the same time I very much enjoyed it. AJAX seemed highly interactive, and I’m thrilled to explore its potential. I don’t know how the lesson structure was before, but I think the instructors did a very good job of simplifying it this time. I could sense that Matt was trying his best to take small steps in introducing us to this new technology; after covering each base, he paused to take any questions that any of us might have.

I still find debugging to be really annoying in JavaScript. I’m always missing brackets, curly brackets, or semicolons somewhere, and it’s very difficult to spot where.

Quotes of the Day:

“You need to know your AJAX!

Point goes to Leon!

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