How I made my GitHub Page: Design Part

For the past week and a half, I’ve been working on my GitHub Page. The two main concept of this project was 1. keep it simple and 2. make it interactive. So I thought it’d be fun to include an avatar of myself that the user can interact with.

After choosing a robot as an avatar, I went to Sketch and worked on the design.

So towards the end, I got more ambitious and even put a brain inside its head, that the user can click on and animate. However, to keep things simple, I ended up with these.

now it’s got links to GitHub, LinkedIn, Medium, and Resume!

I must say letting go of that brain was a difficult choice for me, because it looked so cool! (Mojo Jojo, Dr. Gero, Krang). However I’m happy with the simpler and more minimalistic design that I have now.

Link to my GitHub Page: