Critique on Mizzou Student Media website

The task I chose to critique this website ( was to find out how Mizzou students can get involved in MUTV. On the homepage, I first clicked on the MUTV logo and immediately saw the JOIN tab on the menu bar. Once I clicked, I learned that students can get a variety of broadcast experience through MUTV. There wasn’t specific information about how to join, but by looking at the phone number and email address, I assumed students can either call or email if they’re interested in joining.

I would have liked if there were a short description about the YouTube video on the MUTV landing page. The video was the first thing I saw when I clicked on the MUTV logo to complete my task. I wasn’t quite sure why the video was there and what connection it had with MUTV.

I like the simple layout on the homepage with three logos that take visitors to the landing page of each organization. It took me less than two seconds to know where to click. The design would have been more visually appealing if the site was working properly to change the color of each logo when hovered over. This function was working when I took a look around at the website for the first time on my other computer, which was a PC. I wonder if the problem occurs only on a Mac.

There was no design element that hindered me in completing my task, but it was unexpected when clicking on the MUTV logo on the landing page (screenshot 1 below this paragraph) took me to the actual website of MUTV. It might be just me, but I was expecting to get sent back to the Mizzou Student Media homepage.

I’d like to revisit the website when it’s closer to the final draft with more content in place. As I mentioned above, the website is simple and easy to navigate. A couple of things I might change would be the drop shadow on the separation bars (screenshot 2 below this paragraph), padding around the words on these bars and the screen size of the YouTube video on the MUTV landing page. I think the drop shadow can be lighter and less distracting. Padding needs to be increased to give more space around the words, and the MUTV landing page can have a bit more breathing room by adjusting the screen size of the video.