First of all, this is my favorite class in this semester even though I thought at beginning that Kickstarter project would be my most worried thing. The result was becoming less important to me because I got inspired a lot on the way I’m thinking and it shaped my understanding…

An experimental project for parent-child relationship

If you are parents, you probably have so many curiosities about your children that is hard to get the answers from them, such as, what is their ideal type of partner? What exactly they are doing for work? Why do they chase celebrities so crazy?

As a child, have you…

Chinese parent-child relationship

Last year in November, I turned 27. This is the fourth year I have lived in a foreign country. I’m pursuing a design master degree in one of the best art schools in New York, and before that, I spent almost 2 years exploring what I’m really passionate about regarding…

Yumeng Ji

I’m an Interaction designer based in New York. I’m currently preparing a Kickstarter project about childhood emotional neglect and domestic language violence.

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