Who is going to author your obituary?

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled Obituary Writing in the Selfie Age. It was the story of a journalist who had written hundreds of obituaries for others and had recently written his own. He was also now teaching a course for people who were looking to write their own, as well. To tell their own story.

As a 34 year old, I don’t think much about my impending doom… but what if? Something catastrophic could occur tomorrow and what would my obituary say.? Would it be saccharin sweet, like a hallmark greeting. Would it include my dry wit? Would it encompass all that I had accomplished? Have I accomplished things that are worthwhile and meaningful?

As an exercise, I think that I will write two obituaries. One that will sum up much of what I have accomplished, and want remembered, up to this point in my life. I’ll also write a second for the life that 70, 80, 90 year old Jonathan will want to be remembered for. The hardest part of the assignment will be living up to the life that 90 year old me will be proud of. The road to that ideal starts today though.

How about you? Does your obituary read the way you would like it to? How do you get there?

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