Chapter 4: Project Integration Management

The PMI’s Pulse of the Profession

Is a survey which is conducted every year for project management that charts the major trends for project management now and for the future. This survey provides accurate information on how are we going to improve or excel in the field of project management. The study tackles about the fundamental aspects of culture, talent and process. These aspects support the excellence of the project and is said that if your organization focuses on these aspects you will surely meet your goals in project management.

This survey also presented the changes in foundation practices which include the Knowledge Transfer which is the capturing and sharing the lessons learned and integrating it to your work or your program. The Risk Management, this is the practice that helps us to reduce or lessen the potential damages that might come up on your project. The Organizational Agility, this is the ability to respond and adapt quickly to this project management. Lastly, the Benefit Realization, this helps us to ensure that the outcome of the project produces the desired benefits as presented in the business case.

Project Title: BSIT 3C WEBSITE

Project Start Date: August 1. 2017

Projected Finish Date: November 1. 2017

Key Schedule Milestone:

>Finalize the plan and design August 12

>Finish coding October 25

>Dry run tests completed August 20

Budget Information: Allocated 300 thousand for this project

Project Manager: Jizza Mae N. Intia (910) 123–4567

Project Objectives:

>To provide web-based interactions between students and instructor in a specific class where they can exchange information easily and access books, lectures, notes and any references provided by the links.

Main Project Success Criteria:

>The software must meet the expected outputs, be thoroughly tested, and be completed in 3 months.


Develop a detailed cost estimate for the project and report to the president.

Use internal staff as much as possible for planning, analysis and coding.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Kennedy Cuya (President,Project sponsor)

Jizza Mae Intia (Project manager,Plans and execute project)

Emz Salva (Programmer Main program)

Julie Ann Dagmil (Programmer, Web design)

Financial Analysis

Based on this financial analysis, I would not invest on this project because as seen from the report, the project maintained its loss every year that’s keeping them down with many credits.

a.) What do you think the problem was in this case?

I think the problem in this case was the poor knowledge of Nick Carson on how is he going to handle his team and how he will do the job of being a project manager for in the first place he didn’t have any familiarity or understanding about project management.

b.) Does the case present a realistic scenario?

I think the case doesn’t present a realistic scenario because if I am one of the top management I will not risk this big project into a former software developer who didn’t have any experience or background of being a project manager.

c.) Was Nick Carson a good project manager?

No, because instead of leading and guiding his team, he let himself do the job of software integrator and troubleshooter.

d.) What should top management have done to help Nick?

The top management should have given Nick some advices, orient him or encourage him to enroll into seminars on how to be a good project manager.

e.) What could Nick have done to be a better project manager?

Nick should have sought some advice's to some experienced project manager for him to be able to perform the given job and he could have done some research for him to familiarize the cycle of the project management.

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