Work First, Play Later
Amber Stoneburner

Hi Amber,

Great post. I have a lot of respect you and every other hardworking mother. You all wear many hats and make the impossible possible through sacrifice and determination.

I was just speaking to someone about what I think my days would be like if I worked for myself. I currently have a 8–5, but I write for my blog, am currently writing a book and looking to invest my spare time into other things. I aim to work on my own passions at least 1 hour before work and 2–3 hours after work. There are nights when I want to continue working on one of my projects, but I sign off as I have to conserve energy for work the next day. I believe that if I was on my own, perhaps my days would start at 10am instead of 5am. Overall, I agree with you 100%. Everyone’s body is different, therefor everyone can’t operate efficiently within the same time context.

I’ve started to drink coffee an hour before leaving work in the evenings. This will give me the needed boost to work 2–3 hours once I get home. I don’t stop and smell the roses. I drive home, take care of my dog and immediately get to work. On the weekends, I do as much as I can and will be outsourcing some of my chores so that I can invest more time into writing and other projects. It would be cool to come after work, eat and chill. But I feel so great and satisfied with myself after a long day of hard work.We don’t have to be natives of Chicago to adhere to their philosophy of ‘Work hard, Play hard”.

Peace and blessings to you and your family. May 2017 bring you joy and happiness.

JJ Brown

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