Our in house security expert Diogo Pires is the man behind this system, “some marketplaces do not employ comprehensive means to counteract the high injection flow of unwanted applications” he says.
Number One Reason Why Aptoide is Safe

So Aptoide has Diogo and Google does not — therefore, use Aptoide for trustworthy apps. Everyone knows about the fierce battle of multinational corporations for the consulting work of Diogo and the creation of ironclad sources of software that follows…

As for “Trusted” equals “100% Safe;” …come on? I mean, that’s false at face value; but the app store still releases apps without the “Trusted” mark, whether they are definitely malicious or just haven’t been processed yet (which are categorically indistinguishable as I understand it). So the real question is what percentage of apps carry the “Trusted” mark? 10%? 50%? 95%..? Because that’s already self-defeating — if you were around 99.9% are at some stage of using it and it is knocking apps out of the market set to definitive standards, then you might have something. You compromise on that and “Trusted” really doesn’t convey any real confidence. Even Diogo would give a tip of his hat to that…

Here’s a quick defeat of your 100% safe claim — someone sets loose an app a day into the system with innocuous code that is set to sleep until certain conditions are met; every rendition the person submits randomly changes the activating conditions. To make it even more difficult, have it timed randomly to appear outside your initial time period of scrutiny, then able to switch from dormant to active to dormant within just a few seconds, firing out a burst snapshot of data.

If the person does this for 30 days, how long before you revoke all of them (assuming 30 different aliases are used). What about 60 days..? That “100% safe” is dissolved on day 1 and each consecutive days there forward through day 60, assuming Diogo brings his A game everyday and nails each one.

Let’s say day 37 happens to have an algorithm that, by chance, skips around your audit periods — maybe then you’re compromised for 100 days and you don’t even know it.

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