Who doesn’t want to have an elegantly designed wooden dugout! These lifelong boxes securely keep your one-hitter and tobacco. Traditionally, it’s a small wooden box featuring two compartments. One side comes with a round hole with a spring in the bottom while the other is where your hitter fits. A standard dugout commonly has a cigarette one-hitter. Though there are several intriguing styles to choose from for a remarkable smoking experience.

One Hitter Pipe: There is nothing like a standard smoking experience. You will find a tremendous variety of hitter pipes available in high-quality woods, engaging acrylics, and unique cigarette…

Katana was commonly used by samurai recognized as the weapon of the major arsenal of the Japanese warrior class. The very first swords were known as chokuto — the straight blades designed similar to Chinese weapons. These blades were comparatively less advanced and could be easily broken or damaged. Soon they evolved into the Katana that we know today. Let’s take a look at some of the most thought-provoking facts about these latest models of blades in the preeminent heritage.

1 Samurai Warrior

In pop culture and movies, you have frequently come across the association between the Samurai warrior and…

Katanas are frequently referred to as samurai swords and probably the most renowned bladed weapon ever existed. The weapon was originally used by the Japanese warriors. The sword is recognized for perfect curved blade and unique craftsmanship. Today, the weapon is commonly used symbolically and in many martial arts contests. Here are a few things you would love to know about them.

Extension of the Samurai’s Soul

There was a time when katanas were often carried by samurai warriors in Japan. Due to highly status symbol, any member of lower class was not allowed to carry one or otherwise they…

For the most time, the popular phrase Every Carry refers to pocket-sized items that work conveniently in everyday life. From miniature multitools to pocket-friendly knives, the true essence behind the term is high-end utility and preparedness. These items can be carried around as soon as you are out and about. Nevertheless, the great outdoors comes with a mesmerizing experience and at the same time multiple challenges. Let’s explore some of these items.

Pocket Knife

Heading outdoors without a pocket knife is never a good idea. For an added stay in the backcountry without the essential knife, you are more likely…

Being a knife collector, you must be searching for some exceptional knives and make tremendous memories. Fantasy knives are no different in terms of unmatched designs and capabilities. With several knives available on the market, it might be quite overwhelming to hand-pick the best options. Looking for some? Here you go!

1 Undead Killer Liner Lock Knife

A perfect tool featuring dual razor-sharp blades. The popular knife is built from 440 stainless steel along with a titanium finishing for smooth and quick deployment. The aluminum handle is equipped with a black metallic textured finish and an additional large ring hole…

A knife tang refers to the bottom part of a blade that prolong into the handle. If you have come across the term “tang”, you are more likely to look for several variations. Its one of the most important parts of a knife’s anatomy or you may call it the knife backbone.

Without a tang, a fixed blade is unable to perform no matter how much force you apply. If you are confused between choosing full tang and partial tang knives, read on for an informed decision. …

For most camping enthusiasts, a dreamlike force of nature serving as a foundation of adventurous gatherings is an outdoor tradition from the past several hundred years. The blog focuses on key steps for building a campfire whether you are backpacking or ready for a camp-out. Make it Fun!

1 Fireplace

For campgrounds and backcountry, using a fire ring will keep the impact minimal and fire contained. Though make sure to get permission from the campground operator. You should build fire preferably in designated rings, fireplaces, or grills. You can also use an existing fire ring or build from scratch in…

Choosing an optimal cutting knife might be somewhat challenging or overwhelming for you. Every part of the knife is considerably important, though selecting the blade shape is more likely to confuse you. Remember every knife is intended for specific tasks. Using a certain knife for wrong purposes not only damage its quality but won’t get the job done perfectly. Let’s explore the two most common types you would want to prefer.

Clip Point Knives

If you are looking for a versatile knife type, you cannot simply go wrong with clip point knife. It can adapt to multiple functions. The solid…

The backbone of the Roman military — wearing heavy-duty armament comprising of breastplate, helmet, buckler and greaves on the right leg. Originally, the helmet was built of untanned skin or leather further reinforced and ornamented by gold or bronze.

Traditionally, leather helmets were manufactured through an extensive process of tanning that requires leather to be soaked in a tannin solution. The acidic solution is frequently brewed out of gall or oak bark. The design of Roman helmet significantly transformed over time. Let’s take a look at few of them.

Montefortino Helmet

This creative helmet is one of the Roman’s major…

The world has incredibly progressed, yet the only thing that hasn’t changed is the need for elemental tools. Obviously, a smartphone won’t help you in opening a pile of mail or whittling some kindling. All of these situations are beyond the reach of Google. Isn’t it? The innovative concept behind compiling different tools in an all-in-one package is certainly a modern consideration. These tools can be carried by literally anyone — artisans, outdoorsmen, soldiers, and so on. No matter which option you intend to choose, it will serve you with numerous interesting benefits. If you are still unsure, Read On.

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