Mother’s Day, women in combat and other top gender stories of the week
World Economic Forum

Is this NOT a total disgrace of all humanity that today women are forced to bear the full burden for everything as only a small percentage of men are willing and able to except any responsibility for in our modern society.

Women can not escape from child bearing, than many, if not most are just abandoned by the fathers of their children. They have it much harder in life to start with. Earn less than men, and many even forced to do soldiering for the government that men just would not take the risk and the hardship for.

Society actually like being up-side down. Reminds us just how the one of the greatest empire, the Roman Empire started its disintigration by the moral breack down of society.

Well, do not smile yet, the “barbarians” may just pop-up in some other form, to complete the picture

History always repeat itself ! No one can run away from that !

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