The Logical Path to End Corruption
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One thing I sure agree in your article is that the Constitution is above, or supreme over the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, the very Supreme Court do not see it that way. As they do determine what the Constitution is.

That so called third branch of the government is the supreme deciding power on anything or everything. Since the members are NOT elected by the masses, nor answerable to them, they actually poses a dictatorial position or power. Just like the EU government is organized.

Do not say they may not be nice elderly gentlemen or ladies. None the less that is the fact the way the Supreme (Federal) government is organized and functions.

The question is, when things do not function, or clearly broken, will a bit more alteration, twisting, like some band-aids, will do what is necessary, or is it time to “set the dial back to zero” and start out all new ?

Most of these organizations like yours, being on the left or the right of the reasonable political spectrum, are only in combat for influence and power, rather than ever presenting a real and possibly workable solution.

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