The best countries in Europe for using renewable energy
World Economic Forum

Renewable energy. The only energy that may be “renewable” is manure. Yes, it has high BTU source, therefore burning is good source of energy.

Now, wind and solar is a simple and costless energy source, but NOT renewable. No-one can reproduce neither. Not wind, nor the Sunshine, just there is plenty of it sometime and at some places.

Beside, wind and solar energy are LEAST reliable energy. As neither the Sun, nor the wind is steady. The storage of solar/wind energy is expensive as hell.

Do you want an inexpensive and reliable energy source that the US has a 1,000 year supply of ? Yes, it is coal. And it is NO problem at all to burn coal safely without causing ecological harm. since Carbon precipitates in water, it is very easy and totally inexpensive to burn it harmlesslly. Ask me how !

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