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The article not just absolute evidence of ill will, but as well of absolute stupidity.

The “Vitez” order was a decoration for valour in World War One. Established by Parlament. Sebestian Gorka was born in England in 1970. Even his father was born in 1930. He could have NOT possible have earned any decoration or order any possible way for valour in WWI. There was NO “Nazi Government of Germany” before 1932, more than a decade long after the end of WWI. Therefore could NOT possibly have had any influence on a decoration for valour in WWI. That statement was absolutely insane. Just because Austria-Hungary were on the other side in WWI. Mr. Gorka had absolutely nothing to do with that either.

But I can say, that the “Vitez” medal he wore, he HAD NOT EARNED in any possible way. Perheps he purchased it on a flee-market. Like you can find and purchase pounds of old military medals and decorations any time.

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